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Marine Electric Propulsion

Navigun is the Pan India Distributor of Aquamot Austria. Aquamot is a manufacturer of electric boat drives from Austria. Aquamot stands for   Quality and pollution free  boat engines. The Austrians offer complete packages with all components from their own hand. The motto of Aquamot is high quality. Sustainable. Safe.

We have Product range from 5 Hp to 300 HP both Inboard, outboard and Pod Series .

Marine Satellite TV & Phone Systems

EPAK is a German producer and developer of automatic satellite tracking systems
for maritime applications. We constantly aim for innovation, mixing together the professionalism and background of experienced engineers with the talents and creativity of fresh graduates. EPAK offers a wide range of antennas, each of them specifically designed for varied applications at sea, in order to meet everyone’s needs from 45cm to a maximum of 90cm dish diameter, these maritime satellite antennas are divided into two large groups depending on use: TVRO for TV reception and VSAT for internet connection onboard.

Marine VHF & HF Radio / GMDSS

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) has been developed by the maritime nations in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is the result of their adoption of amendments made in 1988 to the 1974 International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

Based on recent developments in maritime communications, such as satellites and digital technology, GMDSS is designed to ensure maximum availability of safety-related communication for all passenger ships as well as for cargo vessels of 300 GT andupwards engaged in international voyages.

Marine Radar

The marine radar is classified under the x-band (10 GHz) or S-band (3GHz) frequencies. The x-band, being of higher frequency is used for a sharper image and
better resolution whereas the S-band is used especially when in rain or fog as well as for identification and tracking. SOLAS Chapter 5, Regulation 19 states that All ships of 3000 gross tonnages and upwards shall, in addition to meeting the requirements of
paragraph 2.5, have a 3 GHz radar or where considered appropriate by the Administration.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

An automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated tracking system that displays other vessels in the vicinity. The broadcast transponder system operates in the VHF mobile maritime band. Your ship also shows on the screens of other vessels in the vicinity, provided your vessel is fitted with AIS. If AIS is not fitted or not switched on, there is no exchange of information on ships via AIS. The AIS onboard must be
switched on at all times unless the Master deems that it must be turned off for security reasons or anything else. The working mode of AIS is continuous and autonomous. It isfitted on ships for the identification of ships and navigational marks. However, it is onlyan aid to navigation and should not be used for collision avoidance. 


A chartplotter is a system which allows ships to know about their exact location and position in the waters. When it comes to navigating through the waters, in today’s times, a chartplotter is one of the many important and indispensable marine products and marine supplies, which are needed as a part of the ship’s electronic equipment catalogue.

A chartplotter combines the usage of technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS), radar and AIS (Automatic Identification System) 

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Navigun is the Pan India Distributor of AQUAMOT- Marine Electric Propulsion (Austria )
and Epak Germany (Marine Satellite TV and Phone)

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